domingo, 12 de abril de 2020

Upgrade in place 2008 r2 - Ws2012 R2 - doesn't start after copy temporary files.


I've lived the following installation process:

- Launch setup.exe from the Ws2012 R2 ISO.
- Install Ws2012 R2
- Copying temporary files (It creates C:\$WINDOWS.~BT)
- Turn back to the step 1.

Looking for the real error the best way is to launch manually the command that is behind this:

C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\setup.exe /runlocal   /BTFolderPath:C:\$WINDOWS.~BT /OSImagePath:"z*:\Sources"  /HideWelcome /uilanguage:en-US /targetlanguage:en-US**

*Change the correct letter.
**Change for the correct language in your case.

After answering some questions of the wizard it worked me.

If it didn't word in your case you would have to receive a clear error. For example perhaps you have to change the BT Folder path  because there isn't enough space in your C:. Or maybe you have to uninstall any software that is in conflict.


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