domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

StarWind: “Best Practices for Storage Virtualization and Backup”


Los amigos de StarWind, realizarán el próximo martes día 24, un Webcast con el título “Best Practices for Storage Virtualization and Backup”, durante la sesión Denny Cherry Microsoft MVP en SQL, explicará la solución de StarWind, su capacidad de replicación y CDP.



Por cierto, la gente de StarWind tiene ciertos concursos interesantes, os dejo el link:

Y acaban de publicar una versión gratuita ¡que hace todo esto!

  • Host operating systems: any modern Microsoft Windows OS is supported.
  • Works with all the leading Hypervisor vendors: VMware, Microsoft, VMware.
  • Data De-duplication (fully supported, variable block size). Data Deduplication is a specialized mechanism of data-reduction, reducing storage capacity requirements by eliminating duplicated data within and between files.
  • Unlimited storage capacity & Unlimited number of supported concurrent iSCSI connections.
  • Full Production use is allowed.
  • Support. Free version is covered with a basic support plan (an open public community forum). Support upgrades are available for paid per-incident plans or switching to any commercial version with extended functionality where an annual support plan is included.
  • Caching. StarWind has a multi-level cache mechanism implemented. The cache can use gigabytes of RAM and converts it into to extremely fast level 1 write-back or write-through cache, providing superior storage performance over many conventional SANs.
  • CDP (Continuous Data Protection) and Snapshots that are completely compatible with VSS (Volume Snapshot Services).
  • VTL (Virtual Tape Library) and WAN replication are offered as paid upgrade options.
  • iSCSI boot is fully supported with iSCSI boot capable NIC.”
  • Me encanta.


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