sábado, 28 de junio de 2008

Hyper-V y Exchange en Hyper-V


Como bien pudisteis leer en el blog de David, Hyper-V ya está aquí, ahora ya no teneis excusa porque el tiempo de formación y cacharreo ha pasado y es hora de ponerlo en marcha....

Os paso una entrada muy interesante de Scott Schnoll "Principal Technical Writer on the Exchange Server product team", que a su vez comenta lo que un tal "Brent" que es "Senior Test Lead on the Exchange Team at Microsoft" sobre Hyper-V y la virtualización de Exchange 2007 sobre esta plataforma.

Copio y pego:
  • Within 60 days of Hyper-V's RTM, the Exchange team will publish a detailed support statement for Hyper-V, and a TechNet article with best practices. I'm part of the Exchange Virtualization Working Group and will be helping to deliver some of this content.
  • Customers should not deploy Exchange on Hyper-V until our support guidance is available.
  • Early results show that performance of Exchange 2007 on Hyper-V is quite good, and that it scales very well from 1-4 processors per VM.

In terms of best practices and requirements, Brent shared the following:

  • We're only supporting guests running Exchange Server 2007 SP1 on Windows Server 2008.
  • We're only supporting fixed disks, and not dynamic disks.
  • Storage should be on spindles that are separate from the Guest operating system VHD physical storage.
  • Storage must be SCSI passthrough or iSCSI (with a preference of SCSI passthrough for queues, databases and log files).
  • All Exchange server roles, except for the Unified Messaging server role, will be supported.
  • There's a limit on VHD size of 2040 GB.

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